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GaymerX Founders to Launch Queer-Friendly Cyberpunk Game

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The founders of GaymerX, a convention centering around gaming and the LGBT community, recently established Midboss Games, a studio working to release a 90’s themed queer-friendly cyberpunk RPG.

Read Only Memories takes place in Neo-San Francisco, in the year 2064. The main character, a journalist, must uncover the mystery of their best friend’s disappearance, all while surviving the gritty crime and corruption of Neo-San Francisco. Gaymer X’s founders have mentioned drawing inspiration from the 90’s game “Snatcher,” created by Hideo Kojima of Metal Gear Solid. 

One neat feature about the game is the ability to choose which gender to identify (with a genderqueer option), or simply no labels at all. A genderqueer character, TomCat, was revealed yesterday at the game’s first press conference by Midboss Games.

The team is looking for $62,064 by December 13 via Kickstarter, and is already nearly halfway to their goal. Read Only Memories is also backed by Ouya, who vows to match all pledges up to $62,000. If Midboss receives their funding, the game will be released for a variety of platforms such as PC, Mac, Ouya, iOS and Android, with a playable demo a July. Those who choose to donate now will receive a copy of the game when it is finished, along with other perks and rewards, according to the team’s Kickstarter.

“Read Only Memories has queer characters, but it isn't "a gay game,"  says GaymerX founder Matt Conn. "A lot of queer characters can be presented on an equal level with their straight counterparts. It's really important that we create more games that have queer characters in them, but the point is also not to shoehorn them in.”

Source: ROM Kickstarter